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Sailing Program For Mothers And Daughters

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

SEED Center has been running a free sailing program for mothers and daughters to bond together and overcome separation and anger since 2016.

Palm trees during a hurricane

Jennifer Linder started sailing when she was 23 years of age. When her daughter was just three she was living on her sail boat in Sausalito and was regularly sailing together.

It's amazing to witness the change in how mothers and daughters relate just from an hour or two out on the water.

Jenn's passion is to help girls have the best start in life they can. She started the sailing program by posting a notice in the local grocery store and was thrilled when she started getting enquiries from mothers in the area.

Transformation on the open seas

The power of sailing can be a profound test, particularly when the wind is strong and the waves are pounding.

Sailing requires coordination between the crew and this means mothers and daughters need to work together to move this huge vessel through the water.

With the fresh air and expansive water, it opens up minds and hearts.

By the end of the trip, huge smiles are on faces and there's a remarkable transformation in the relationship between mothers and daughters.

Jenn continues to be passionate about taking more people out onto the water to experience the healing magic of sailing.



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