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California's Forests Restoration, Where Do We Start

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Every year we are shocked and saddened by the impacts of fires on our environment. SEED Center is committed to helping remediate the negative impacts of the fires and work toward healing the landscape.

Forest wildfire

While there are many tree planting initiatives around California, it's not always easy for people to know about them or be able to travel to the locations and take part.

We see our role in empowering people to be part of forest regeneration programs and do something positive to alleviate the impacts of climate change.

Jenn Linder grew up in Washington State on a small farm. From a young age she was helping to reduce undergrowth and dead foliage that can be fuel to a deadly fire. She is passionate about helping others experience the hands on work of being fire ready, but also replanting in areas that have been burned.

Empowerment Through Action

For many people living in cities and choking on the smoke from wildfires, there's a feeling of helplessness. It's like there's a separation between urban and country life that's hard to cross.

SEED Center provides people with a feeling of agency, by helping them take an active role in forest regeneration.



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